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The distractions of the modern-day and age are far too many to quantify. Asynchronous communications between time zones are now a commonplace occurrence. Thus companies find it more and more difficult to communicate between staff members. Video communications are the need of the hour. The entire internet is slowly shifting towards video formats. However, making videos is one thing, editing them to create a concise and clear message is a different skill altogether. Like any new skill, it has to be learned, honed, and perfected with practice. 

How are videos related to digital marketing?

Marketing is just a glorified word for making sales with the right pitch to the target population. You may be a corporate giant with multinational connections or a retail entrepreneur in a small town; marketing is everywhere. With so many options available, the end-user knows best what their needs are. Your job as a digital marketer is to tap into those needs and put your pitch across. To capture the already limited attention span of your potential customer, you need video content.

What are the types of digital marketing videos?

A digital marketing video can be of 3 major types – 

  1. Video ads: These are classical advertisement videos. Display the best features, highlight your prices and tell them why you deserve the user’s attention
  2. Explainer videos: Go informative! Highlight the drawbacks of your competition and why your product supersedes them all. Compare your low-end products with high-end ones and let them know what value for money truly is.
  3. Testimonials: There is nothing like an honest review from a previous customer; that too is on video. It helps you target future potential customers to choose your products over others.

Why is video editing an important skill in digital marketing?

Clarity, creativity, and communication are the tools you need to get your message across to potential customers. Tell them what the problems are, tell them how frustrating it can be, and offer your solution; the best one available on the market.

Cut to the chase! Don’t waste time by adding unnecessary runtime. Time is money! Put your message across in as little time as possible; yet don’t rush through so that it doesn’t register in the mind. 

Tips to improve digital marketing skills

Use simple clean formats for all your videos; do not unnecessarily overcomplicate or add extravagance to your content. Make sure your audio is clear and free from noise. Choose the adequate resolutions of your videos and the right platform to release them on. Knowing the time, effort and budget will also help you cut out the fat from the videos that you prepare. Try using tool and do it on your own. It may seem tedious and even impossible, but with practice; follows perfection. Video editor tool available in the market now offers premium subscriptions at nominal prices. Take a look at your recording tool; use the right audio equipment and properly script your videos. It is a lot cheaper than hiring professionals in the field at excessive costs.

  • Know the platform: Each social media platform has its unique language. For instance, a video that goes viral on Facebook, may not even trend on Twitter or Instagram. Every day millions of hours of youtube content are consumed by users all across the globe. Everyone craves different types of content; make sure to address all formats available. Choose the right background music to engage and immerse the user in your video. There is a reason different users prefer different social media sites. Create multiple videos for different platforms and let the views roll in. 
  • Generate leads: There is no use in spending time, money, and effort on your videos if it does not reach the intended users. Several video editing tools have in-built features such as quizzes, call to action, email integration, and many more! Choose the right way to generate your leads and put your message through to the target audience.
  • Know how to pitch: When promoting a local business with a close-knit community of target audiences, try sending personalised sales pitches. Break the ice with new potential customers to jump-start your sales.
  • Testimonials of loyal patrons: Nothing appeals more to a potential buyer than an honest review from a previous buyer. However, some old customers might find this to be a harrowing task. Try using video tool that generates personalised links and sends them across. This saves the time and effort of both parties involved.
  • Improve engagement: Keep comment tabs for your videos and let users engage! Let them share their problems within the current situations and ask for solutions on your platforms!
  • Stream events: One of the ways to improve marketing for local businesses is to conduct events to promote their products. Release their video highlights and watch new people join in the next time you hold such an event. Keep doing this repeatedly and find the snowball effect realised before your own eyes!
  • Expert opinions: Record videos of experts who have experience reviewing your types of products. Just like a testimonial, an honest expert with unquestioned credibility will boost your sales, as more and more of their followers throng your outlets or order your products online.
  • Make Instructional videos: How-to videos are helpful for both the customer as well as the business. You can teach them better ways to use your products, deal with troubleshoots, or offer solutions without them having to go through the hassle of finding solutions from elsewhere.
  • Animated videos: Animated videos are a powerful tool in digital marketing. The visuals are powerful and instructive, allowing the end-user to clear any confusion they may have relating to your product or services.
  • Go Live: Record live videos from within your core working areas. Allow the curious customer and user an insight into how your company functions. Show them how a typical workday is at your offices; show them how you offer your products or services and resolve customer issues. This helps build confidence in a potential buyer toward your product and issue resolution practices.


In the end, you know your customer best. Knowing what they need and providing a video solution to their problems is a crucial aspect to promote your business. Digital marketing is all about appealing to the current market trend and penetrating it with minimal effort and energy; it seems spontaneous to the user. I feel you may be overwhelmed with all the information provided here, but it is honestly just words. If you love your business and promote it with sincere efforts; keeping a few key points in mind, you will find success. Don’t worry if the first few videos do not find as much engagement or viewership. Learn from your past mistakes and move ahead. The internet is full of tips and tricks; find the one that clicks and build on it.


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