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In 2022, the JEE exam is expected to be conducted in the months of June and July. As per the announcement of the Ministry of Education, NTA will not be conducting the exam in 2022. A new board has been formed named the JEE Apex Board (JAB). The JEE Apex Board will be assisted by the JEE Interface Group, having 5 members. These members are chosen from the NTA and IITs. A senior representative of ISI will also be included in this team.

The new updates and implementations regarding the JEE exam will be released by JAB soon. Hereafter, JAB will be responsible for setting up the rules for the JEE Main examination. Students should visit the official website on a regular basis so that they won’t miss any updates. The JEE exam is considered one of the most difficult exams in India. It needs regular learning and hard work to crack this exam. Students should always keep in mind that cracking the JEE exam is not a cakewalk. In this article, we will discuss the tips to boost the preparation for the JEE entrance exam.

Make Notes

Making self notes on each chapter will help students during revision. When they have a few days left for the exam, these notes will be really helpful. Students will not have to go through the entire textbook. Instead, they can rely on these notes for revision. These notes should include important theorems, formulas, properties etc.

Learn Previous Years’ Questions

As far as any exam is concerned, students are advised to go through the previous years’ question papers. For the JEE exam also, students should definitely learn and practice previous years’ question papers. This will help to understand the pattern and the difficulty level of the entrance exam. Solving previous years’ question papers will never be a waste of time. Students can easily access these questions from different websites. Even previous years’ questions and solutions PDFs can be downloaded for free. So students should never miss this.

Plan Properly

It is very important that the students should have a proper plan for studying. They should make a timetable and follow it regularly. A JEE aspirant should find enough time to rest and sleep. Only a healthy body can have a healthy mind. So students should get involved in some games or fun activities with friends or family so that they can refresh their minds. They should have healthy food and drink enough water.

Attempt Mock Tests

A mock test is one of the best methods for JEE preparation. It will help students to face the real exam scenario. This will help them to enhance their confidence. It will also help them to reduce stress during the exam. Students should take the JEE Main mock test, which is available online. Practising these mock tests will help students to improve their speed of solving problems. It will also help them to figure out their weak areas and give more concentration on those topics.

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