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Having a Franchise business is an easy way to enter the entrepreneur field. Most of the franchisees support in whatever ways possible, thus reducing your chances of not succeeding. Yet there are some franchise thatis considered highly profitable franchise in India.

It is their business acumen that makes them on top of the list. If you are interested in franchising, here are some of the best franchise in India.



Chaiops is a prominent tea franchise in India. They have their outlets spread all over the country. Apart from the raw material, they give training to their new franchise staff.

Moreover the investment required is fairly reasonable. This increases the profitability percentage for the franchisor.



Amul started the distribution of its franchises in 2000.  People associated with the brand understand the value of the brand. The unique advertising campaigns produced by Amul ensure constant brand visibility. Customers coming to Amul love the taste and quality; hence chances of failure are significantly less.

Domino’s Pizza


Domino’s Pizza as a brand has a strong following. The franchisor gets the benefit of this following. There are costs involved, but the returns are quick and more than expected. The area required to start a franchise is 1000-1500 sq. ft., and investment remains around 65 lakhs plus.



DTDC is into sending couriers, and therefore, the money involved is less. You need to spend Rs75000 for a 75 Sq. Ft space. The total investment is between 50,000 to 1.5 lakh. However, they have multiple types of franchises, and you can decide which would be suitable for you.



They are in the teaching and education industry. Kidzee always maintains its brand equity, and parents trust them with their kids. They started their franchise in 2003 and have expanded since then. An investment of only 12 lakh and 2000-3000 sq. ft. area implies that Kidzee is one of the most Profitable Franchise in India.

Dr. Lal Path Labs


Dr. Lal Path labs started its operations in 1950. All the prominent tests like radiology testing, pathology testing, lab testing, etc., are a part of their offerings. The investment is pretty low at 3 lakh, and a 200-250 sq. ft. area is another requirement.



Patanjali offers natural medicines and products created by the Baba Ramdev. You can start the franchise in India within 500 sq. Ft area.  Also, the investment required is around seven lakh-2 crores depending on your wants. People trust Patanjali and its products, so taking its franchise is a good deal.

Summing up


These are just some of the best franchises in India and are profitable too. Chaiops takes care of all the rough work required to set up a franchise. Our stores have a separate ambiance that piques customer interest.

We have spread our outlets all over India. If you want to join us, you just have to contact us. We will help you set up everything. Within no time, your franchise outlet would be up and running. Since the investment is not high, your profit margin remains high, and quick earning is guaranteed.

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