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Countercurrent episode of March 16, 2022.

«In 2014 I was 19. I was working in Turkey, but when my contract expired I had to go back to Kiev , spend a few days there and then return to Donbass . My mother called me from the Donbass and told me that due to a bombing in the airport it is not possible to enter, but only to exit the Donbass!
So I stayed in Kiev and was looking for an apartment, a big difficulty on this, because as soon as they heard that you came from the Donbass, they refused to rent you an apartment because they said … The cause was a propaganda for so many years that we at Donbass are banned, that we are dirty people who do not wash themselves. I’ll tell you that some of my friends told me that where the Donbass people lived in Kiev, the building became dirtier, and they don’t even pay the rents! ”

«I still wanted to explain that I’m not pro-Russian , these experiences struck me, but I was born in Donetsk city in the Donbass region (Ukraine), so I’m not that person who tries to sanctify a part and demonize another, I just try to be reasonable looking from different angles. On what is happening now on Ukrainian territory, there is no doubt that the intervention of Russia is a crazy thing, but the issue of the Donbass needs to be discussed!”

The beautiful Ukrainian model Dasha Dereviankina is still a guest in a Rete4 program. Also in this case the presenter tries to make Dasha tell which side of her she is on, after a few words from her as a pro-Russian for many.
Dasha tries only to explain the reality, the one that has been in the Donbass for 8 years . A few days ago, for example, I happened to see one of his stories where he published a photo of a bombing that always happened in those days, right in a Donbass city with many innocent deaths and children, but it seems that no one has talked about it, like in the past 8 years!


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