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Prior to this treatment, I was suffering from chronic migraines that lasted up to days and even weeks. This problem prevented me from enjoying anything. I wasn’t able to work, sleep, or go out while feeling relaxed. The migraines would make me anxious and depressed. I would take different types of medication for my migraines, but none of it worked. I was spending so much money on medications that wouldn’t even relieve me from my migraines. I started researching online and discovered Botox in Abu Dhabi and it can be used to treat severe migraines, so, I scheduled a consultation at Novomed in Abu Dhabi, where I met an amazing team of doctors and staff.

My dermatologist in Abu Dhabi was fantastic; she thoroughly prepared me for the treatment. I’m on my second round of Botox, and I can honestly say it has given me my life back and I am overjoyed at the relief I am experiencing. If I ever start to have a migraine, I take medicine and it helps me immediately. The injections are not painful. I didn’t even require any icing or medication after I left the appointment.

I am finally done with the severe migraines, which is exactly what I wanted. I’m overjoyed that I went for it because I am back to feeling like a normal person who can do things like work and go out without feeling stressed and uncomfortable. I will keep returning to Novomed because it is the best medical facility I have ever gone to. Other clinics in Abu Dhabi that I’ve visited have not provided me with the same level of patient care. I had a horrible experience with another cosmetic center and was really dissatisfied with the outcomes.

I cannot say enough good things about the doctors and staff there. They are wonderful people who are always honest and professional. I’d never go anywhere else! If you are searching for natural-looking results, you should go to Novomed for Botox in Abu Dhabi. The whole objective of getting facial treatments is that you can’t tell you’ve had anything done and that is exactly what you get at their facility. They have gained a lifelong patient!

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