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Planning the perfect proposal can get very nerve-wracking for most. The sense of feeling committed towards someone for the rest of your life, for wanting to spend your good and bad times with someone and wanting to be together through thick and thin can be very overwhelming as it is, and the added pressure of popping the question to your loved one can take a toll on the best of us. Find below our best tips and advice that will help you finalize the perfect proposal for your partner, and help you create a beautiful memory for the rest of your lives:

  • Make it personal and thoughtful

While we can come up with a myriad of beautiful things and details you ought to include in your proposal, it remains true that only you know your partner the best. We might suggest holding a bouquet of a dozen red roses while you pose the question to your partner, but chances are your partner doesn’t like roses at all and in fact, loves lilies. Try to incorporate small personal details surrounding your proposal – maybe there is an inside joke you both share or a certain location where you both first met. Add personal and intimate details to ensure that your proposal doesn’t look like anything out of a self-help blog.

  • Pick out the perfect ring

You can’t possibly plan a perfect proposal without a ring (duh!) and hence you need to be out in the streets and look for the ring that you feel would suit your partner the most. You may also go down the quaint root and propose your partner with your mother’s engagement ring if you don’t have the budget for a new one. Instead of a traditional diamond, you may also opt for a custom certified lab grown diamond that sparkles just as brightly but is considerably lighter on the pocket. You may also consider ditching a regular engagement ring with diamonds and opt for another stone – it’s all in the details and depends on your partner’s preferences.

  • Hire a photographer to capture your moment

You and your partner would want to cherish this memory for the rest of your lives and by hiring a photographer to capture your special moment, you are likely to make that happen. Pictures from your proposal will serve as a memento for the rest of your lives reminding you both of your love for each other. Keep in mind to create a situation in which you and your partner have to dress up prior to the proposal – plan a dinner or a lunch at a restaurant to make sure you both are dressed impeccably for the proposal pictures.

  • Plan an event for both of you post-proposal

Whisk away your partner to another city or country – depending on your budget – for a post-proposal event. Your fiancé would love it if you plan a romantic getaway for the both of you and it would truly be the cherry on top of this entire experience for the both of you. You can also couple that plan with dinner, some cocktails, and a small gettogether with your closest friends and family.

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